Your climate-friendly carbon negative gift catalog for 2021

Over 21 Climatetech

Hope Well Wine


The secret is in the soil, and its stewards

Wheyward Spirit


And more from VertueLab

Air Vodka with Natural Flavors


Our planet's most sustainable spirit

Cheers from Earthy Labs & Friends


Carbon friendly beer for all

Offset Your Holidays

The Nori Holiday Carbon Removal


a gift for sustainability and farming

Climeworks Offset


Grab-and-go, from the air

Holiday season is around the corner, still looking for a special gift for your friends and families?

Why give just a gift when you can give a cool one full of carbon?  These inspiring items capture and store CO2 from the very air.  We invite you to have fun discovering new gifts, learning about technologies new and old, and offsetting your holiday celebrations.  Choose from among 20 carbon-zero and negative products, as well as some of our favorite green gifts from partners.  


Use these links to buy directly from suppliers.  And whether recognizing a gift already ordered or to pledge a gift amount, you may also print this gift certificate to share in the mail or in your tradition.

Home & Pets, Art & Fun

Carbon Crayons


Supplies from Artist-in-residence Annalee

BiOBUDDi Toy Blocks


Eco-friendly play from sugarcane

Yoga Mat


Worth the wait, to up your sustainability practice

LuminAID Multi-Colored Solar Lanterns


And other picks from Clean Energy Trust


CleanO2 Body Bars


Scented soaps with clean carbon

Bamboo Toilet Paper


The ultimate carbon negative essential for this winter


Mealworm Pet Treats, for nutrition and sustainability


And other pet treats from Beta Hatch, E8's portfolio company


A new board game experience taking you to Southeast Asia

Inspire the audiences to grow curious about places like Borneo in a dynamic experience


Arizmendi and the UW Clean Energy Institute


Created by mixed media artist Benjamin Arizmendi

Clothings & Accessories

The Carbon Concrete Pen

Write for the future

4th Dimension Watch


Offsetting CO2 in style

Heirloom Brazilian Botanicals from Teadora


And more from E8 for garden and kitchen


The World’s First Carbon-Negative Eyewear and accessories


And more cool items made with AirCarbon®


Sheep Inc Knitwear


Capturing carbon one sweater at a time

Aether Diamonds


Alchemized from out of the blue

BAM Bamboo Clothing


Made from the grass with a million uses

KeelingCurve T-shirt.jpeg

Keeling Curve T-shirt

A graph depicting the changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations first recorded in 1958 by Dr. Charles David Keeling

Garden & Earth

Pittmoss Plentiful


Upcycled paper for happy plants

Good Concrete Tiny Pot


Decorate with a pot that fits

Wakefield Biochar HERO


Slowly baked for organic perfection

A Real, Living, Awesome Tree


Hug the original carbon capturer

Learning & Impact

Drawdown, The Book


A must-have if you’re even reading this

Decarbon8 Startup Gift-Investment


There’s upside and then there’s upside

CleanTech Alliance Scholarship


Boosting and expanding our cleantech communities