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4th Dimension Watch

Offsetting CO2 in style

There is no better metaphor for climate change than a ticking clock, and with Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ Concrete Watch you can acknowledge your love for the environment in style. The 4th Dimension Watch features a sleek face made out of CO2 embedded concrete with a naturally tanned leather band. This watch makes the perfect gift for you or your loved one this holiday season and nods to doing good while looking good.


22 Studio of Taipei designs and manufactures the timepiece, where they see “22” capturing an attitude – “one unafraid to follow instinct to concrete, creative conclusions.”

Expedition Air is a marketplace that partners with companies to integrate carbon dioxide derived materials into their supply chains, making low-carbon materials accessible to all supply chains allows and empowers consumers to use their buying power to enforce the need for products made from carbon dioxide that help rather than hinder our planet. Customers can now buy the 4th Dimension Watch from Expedition Air's website! 

How it works: Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) captures CO2 from point sources, such as powerplants, and uses an absorption process to sequester the gaseous CO2 into inorganic solid materials in powder form. CUT uses the powder feedstocks to create advanced additives for industrial uses such as concrete, plastics, coatings and even consumer products. Since 2014, CUT has dramatically scaled its ability to capture CO2 emissions. Learn more about the science behind CUT’s products, and their reactor unit which produces 8 tons of CO2 embedded material per day.

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