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Aether Diamonds

Alchemized from out of the blue

  • $$$$ (pending product, with wait list)

  • Aether (New York, US)

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Aether is using CO2 captured from the air to make carbon negative diamonds, so you can help the environment with real style. Their line of jewelry launches soon and will focus on their distinctive quality and designs, with the added bonus of positive environmental impact. If your loved one would appreciate simple diamond earrings or other gems almost magically created out of good thin air, be sure to check in with Aether and hear when they go live.


How it works: Aether gets their carbon from Climeworks, which uses direct air capture technology to capture CO2 emissions and safely store them, with the end goal of reversing climate change. Aether purifies the captured carbon from Climeworks and puts it in a diamond reactor, where it takes only two to three weeks to turn into a real diamond. A two-carat Aether diamond can offset roughly two and a half years of one American’s carbon emissions.

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