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Air Vodka with Natural Flavors

Our planet’s most sustainable spirit

Not only can you drink responsibly, but with Air Company’s Vodka with Natural Flavors, you can now drink sustainably as well. GQ calls it “clean and crisp like a shard of light and good enough to sip over ice.”  Air Company’s technology uses only air, water, and sunlight to transform carbon dioxide into impurity-free ethyl alcohol.


How it works: Air Company starts by capturing carbon dioxide using absorption-based capture technology; further, they power their conversion system with solar power. This conversion system then breaks apart the captured carbon dioxide along with water using an electrolyzer that splits water to produce green hydrogen, then combines the hydrogen with carbon dioxide over their proprietary and patent-pending catalysts to produce alcohol, with oxygen as the only byproduct. This process has net-negative carbon emissions, with 1 kg of alcohol taking as much as 1.5 kg of CO2 from the air.  Learn more about the science behind Air Company’s products.

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