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Arizmendi And The UW Clean Energy Institute
Created by mixed media artist Benjamin Arizmendi

Created by mixed media artist Benjamin Arizmendi, Reclamation is part of a series inspired by Brian Johnson, PhD, University of Washington/Clean Energy Institute. 

The science schematics depict the integration of electric, mechanical, and control domains, arising in the creation of a single, unified circuit that can bring about efficiencies in power plant engineering. The schematics are combined with digital paint and abstracted photography to create a sense of urgency within the context of clean energy innovation. Arizmendi believes art can inspire the immense interdisciplinary effort that is necessary to create successful, clean energy technologies within the scientific community.

Influenced by abstract expressionism, photography and digital media, Arizmendi uses color and composition in various forms to explore human consciousness and subjectivity. Check out Benjamin's gallery for more.

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