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BAM Bamboo Clothing

Made from the grass with a million uses

BAM makes comfy and breathable activewear, of all kinds, that will not only keep your friends and family warm this holiday season but is also carbon negative.  While BAM works to reduce the carbon footprint of their business, 100% of the emissions generated through the entire clothing lifecycle have been offset through their investment in projects that prevent deforestation in Kenya.  Not only have they offset the emissions from their production processes and business, they’ve also allowed for up to 50 customer washes.  Finally, their “Impact Positive” mission to reach zero carbon, zero waste to landfill, zero pollution, and zero wastewater by 2030 is industry leading.

How it works:  Capable of growing up to 3 ft per day, bamboo sequesters carbon in biomass and soil, removing it from the atmosphere faster than almost any other plant.  A type of grass, it has new shoots that sprout right back up after harvesting and can reach full height again in a single growing season.  Many products traditionally made from trees can instead be made from bamboo, leaving more forests intact to sequester carbon.   For more information on how bamboo production is key to reversing climate change, check out Project Drawdown.

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