Bamboo Toilet Paper

The ultimate carbon negative essential for this season

  • $28-$30

  • 25 metric tons of carbon stored per acre

  • Reel  (Los Angeles, CA); Cloud Paper  (Seattle, WA)

From clothing to everyday household items, bamboo-based products are a perfect carbon cutting gift.  Reel and Cloud Paper are two extraordinary companies turning bamboo into toilet paper; if you’re going to stock up this season… be sure to sell these guys out first!  It’s comfortable, sustainable, and comes with free delivery to your doorstep in 100% plastic free packaging.  Stop worrying about what to get that certain someone who is impossible to buy for and get them a subscription for the most sought-after thing on shelves this season.

How it works:  Many products traditionally made from trees can instead be made from bamboo, leaving more forests intact to sequester carbon. You’ll jump on this like we did when you learn that 20% of global deforestation is due to tree-based toilet paper and paper towels.  This equals 40,000 trees cut down per day.  Capable of growing up to 3 ft per day, bamboo sequesters carbon in biomass and soil, removing it from the atmosphere faster than almost any other plant.  A type of grass, it has new shoots that sprout right back up after harvesting and can reach full height again in a single growing season.  It also needs 30% less water than hardwood trees.  For more information on bamboo and its critical role in combating climate change, check out Project Drawdown or The International Bamboo and Rattan Association.

Give the gift of negative carbon

Special gratitude is owed to all suppliers, partners, sponsors and the team at Action Digital, with particular appreciation for the E8 Fellows responsible for production: Shelby Brodman, Aaron Boysen, and Kenny Kan; in addition to E8 Members David Marple and Molly Shor.

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