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BiOBUDDi Toy Blocks

Eco-friendly play from sugarcane

  • €14,95+ depending on collections

  • 10 lbs of CO2 captured for every 2 lbs emitted

  • BiOBUDDi (Venlo, Netherlands)

Fun, safe, and educational, playing with these blocks develops creativity, logical thinking, and motor skills.  Available in large Learning to Build sets or themed sets such as Farm, City Life, and Dinosaurs, these blocks are made of sustainable “Green PE,” a byproduct of sugarcane plant production.  Like most oil-based plastic, these blocks are 100% recyclable.  Also, just like other building block toys out there, they are durable and meant to be passed down to others.  Mom and Dad, watch your step!

How it works:  Sugarcane plants are used to produce many different things including food, clothing, and medicine.  While these plants grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  It was discovered that the normally non-usable part of sugarcane processing could be used to create bio-ethanol, a key ingredient in green polyethylene (Green PE).   Including manufacturing and shipping, BiOBUDDi captures about 10 pounds of CO2 for every 2 pounds it releases.  The key to making these toys truly carbon negative though is you.  If the blocks end up in a landfill where plastic is typically burned, the captured CO2 would be released back into the atmosphere.  So, when your child has outgrown them, pass them on to a new child or ensure they are properly recycled.

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