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A New Board Game Experience Taking You To Southeast Asia

Inspire the audiences to grow curious about places like Borneo in a dynamic experience

Biome Borneo logo.jpeg

Explore the rainforest. And help save it 🌿 Strategically lay tiles to attract animals while supporting real-world conservation.

BIOME Borneo is an eco-friendly board game supporting conservation in unique environments around the world. It is a fun, competitive, Euro-style board game where the object of the game is simple—most points wins—but winning the game will take some strategy. Players use tiles to arrange native plants into unique microhabitats that allow them to earn animals (playing cards), which get stacked into food chains. Their goal is to inspire the audiences to grow curious about places like Borneo in a dynamic experience. Players intuitively learn about native plants, rainforest layers, food chains, and animal facts as they play the game.

The team considers sustainability from start to finish of the game, including limiting trans-oceanic shipping by manufacturing locally and sourcing the materials from sustainable, recycled material. They are additionally seeking alternative materials and manufacturing methods, and exploring biomaterials and recycled plastics for certain game components. Exact material to be used will depend on a combination of testing, viability, and demand. Check out their campaign on Kickstarter and watch their promotion video!

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