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CleanO2 Body Bars

Scented soaps with clean carbon

Swap out your soap products for environmentally friendly solutions that actively help remove CO2 emissions before they are even released into the atmosphere. CleanO2 offers 4 scents of body bars to choose from: Coconut & Avocado, Spearmint & Clay, Coffee and Honey, and Activated Charcoal, all of which would be perfectly paired with Carbon Upcycling’s Concrete Soap Dish. Not only are these bars made with captured carbon but also include environmentally friendly packaging. CleanO2 offers a variety of other soap products as well, such as their Foaming Hand Soap for which you can also order refill packets to reduce plastic bottle production.


How it works: When CleanO2’s founder and CEO saw a problem with carbon emissions, he decided to put on his inventor hat and do something about it. The idea for CleanO2 came to life over a decade ago when Jaeson Cardiff, a plumber and HVAC mechanic, and his co-founders Kathi Fischer and Scott Forgrave, set out to capture CO2 from building heating system exhaust.


What does soap have to do with capturing CO2 from buildings? CleanO2’s carbon capture units (called “CARBiN-X™ ”) use a chemical process to convert CO2 captured from heating system exhaust into a stable carbonate used in soaps and detergents. With the purchase of CleanO2 soaps, you are supporting the deployment of CARBiN-X™ units around the world to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere.  Learn more about the science behind Clean O2’s products.

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