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Climeworks Offset for a Year

Grab-and-store carbon for good

  • $8+ per month

  • 85 kg CO2 removed/year

  • Climeworks (Zurich, Switzerland)

Did you know we can pull carbon dioxide from the very air, process it, and then permanently store it underground? Climeworks’ one-time holiday gift, or their ongoing subscription options, do just that: their “direct-air-capture” technology, along with peers such as Carbon Engineering, have a role to play in capturing and sequestering billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.


How it works: Climeworks uses a two-step process. First, air is drawn into the collector with a fan, and carbon dioxide is captured on the surface of specialized filter material; it’s then released as the temperature is increased up to 100 degrees Celsius. The result is concentrated, pure CO2, which can be sequestered in a variety of products, or mixed with water and pumped underground by Norway’s Carbfix, reacting with basalt rock and turning to stone in a few years! Renewables and energy from waste power their equipment, so only about 10% of their overall impact is offset by new emissions.  Learn more about the science behind Climeworks.

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