Climeworks Offset for a Year

Grab-and-store carbon for good

  • $8+ per month

  • 85 kg CO2 removed/year

  • Climeworks (Zurich, Switzerland)

Did you know we can pull carbon dioxide from the very air, process it, and then permanently store it underground? Climeworks’ one-time holiday gift, or their ongoing subscription options, do just that: their “direct-air-capture” technology, along with peers such as Carbon Engineering, have a role to play in capturing and sequestering billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.


How it works: Climeworks uses a two-step process. First, air is drawn into the collector with a fan, and carbon dioxide is captured on the surface of specialized filter material; it’s then released as the temperature is increased up to 100 degrees Celsius. The result is concentrated, pure CO2, which can be sequestered in a variety of products, or mixed with water and pumped underground by Norway’s Carbfix, reacting with basalt rock and turning to stone in a few years! Renewables and energy from waste power their equipment, so only about 10% of their overall impact is offset by new emissions.  Learn more about the science behind Climeworks.

Give the gift of negative carbon

Special gratitude is owed to all suppliers, partners, sponsors and the team at Action Digital, with particular appreciation for the E8 Fellows responsible for production: Shelby Brodman, Aaron Boysen, and Kenny Kan; in addition to E8 Members David Marple and Molly Shor.

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