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Decarbon8 Startup Gift-Investment

There’s upside and then there’s upside

This should be the gift that truly keeps on giving.  A philanthropic impact investing fund, D8 can give you and your favorite lover of tech, entrepreneurship and climate action some unique upside: learning and connections to awesome new startups, a boost to technologies ready to scale to help green the economy and jobs, and potentially (charitable) returns given any company exits.  This is all possible for a tax deductible charitable gift made in their name.  A panel of experts allocates D8 investments, and first round investees include EV charging software for multi-unit dwellings and small companies (Xeal), carbon capture and recycling for small scale industry and breweries (Earthly Labs), and innovation in hydrogen storage (Steelhead Composites).  Charitable donations make great gifts this season of great need, and this is a gift with special potential for planet, profit and people. 


How it works: Featured in GeekWire, Decarbon8-US is a philanthropic fund from E8 that makes investments in startup companies in a position to scale quickly and accelerate decarbonization.  As a charitable fund, any amount can be accepted, from anyone, and it’s tax deductible.  Yet the fund makes investments, not grants, in companies, and for larger contributions (i.e. >$2k for the holidays), contributors qualify for a share of any returns.  You can’t go out and buy an EV if these companies succeed wildly, but you can reinvest in the fund or even grant out to another, flexible charitable fund.  The fund also accepts grants from donor advised funds and foundations – and giving appreciated stock.  There are also opportunities to co-invest personal capital in D8 deals, and if this piques your interest and you’re an accredited investor, be sure to contact E8.


Decarbon8 focuses on startups with some early revenue that are ready for a boost to scale quickly.  If looking for something a bit edgier and earlier, consider Vertue Lab’s Climate Impact Fund, too.

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