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Wear The Future, With Minimal Carbon Footprint

Safe, renewable, and recyclable circular fashion


Following circular design principles, DEZEN uses safe, renewable, and recyclable materials, like petroleum-free resin, a lightweight and natural material, and keeps production as local as possible to lessen its carbon footprint and impact on the planet. DEZEN merges fashion, technology, and sustainability from design to production including its zero-plastic packaging. DEZEN infuses a great deal of creativity and beauty into each design thanks to Dilek Sezen’s background in couture fine jewelry and her team’s artful eye. Designed and made in San Francisco with zero waste.


CARBON IMPACT: DEZEN reduces carbon footprint in many ways, starting with using renewable bio-resin material. Using cutting-edge technology makes it possible to have a pollution-free manufacturing environment. All DEZEN pieces are designed and made in the US further reducing CO2 by shortening the travel time and distance our products go to reach our customers.

Check out DEZEN's best seller and circular concept. They are running a promotion for free shipping on orders over $50, and use this code E8GOODCARBON for 20% off!

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