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Cheers From Earthly Labs 
Carbon friendly beer for all

  • $26 - $180

  • Up to 1.5 tons of CO2 sequestered per acre annually

  • In 2021, Earthly Labs lands its first winery, Trefethen Family Vineyards (Napa, CA). 

They say it tastes better – and there’s no better time to find out.  Beer made from captured and cleaned carbon dioxide…from making other beer?  Yes, please.  Hardware and software from Earthly Labs are used by a growing number of craft breweries across the continent and worldwide, allowing them to capture offgas from the fermentation process, clean and scrub the recycled gas, and either reuse or resell the resulting beverage-grade CO2.  Ironically, there’s a shortage of such high qualify carbon dioxide, which only amplifies the value proposition of Earthly Labs, a Decarbon8 investee  (and as seen by CNN Business).  Keep tabs on Earthly Labs and their expansion to a brewery near you; for now, check out their customers Buoy, Denver Beer, Austin Beerworks and Outer Range.

In 2021, the wine industry is looking at ways it can reduce its carbon footprint. One Napa winery, Trefethen Family Vineyard, has partnered with Earthly Labs for an innovative carbon-capturing pilot program at their winery in Oak Knoll District. More in Wine Spectator.


How it works:  Earthly Labs' refrigerator-sized system, named “CiCi,” captures and cleans CO2 from a host of sources with a 3-step gas purification process.  Learn more about their solutions, and craft breweries are one of their beachhead markets.  Each unit captures about 1500 trees worth of carbon dioxide a year, which could really add up with 17,000 craft breweries worldwide.  Their big vision is to help reduce emissions by 1 billion metric tons, and when allowing for energy and other inputs, a typical brewery capture process reduces emissions by almost 50%. 

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