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Heirloom Brazilian Botanicals from Teadora

And more from E8 garden and kitchen

  • $145 Customer Favorites Discovery Set

  • Teadora

The E8 national community of early stage investors in cleantech has invested in Teadora, and some use the gems found in their Customer Favorites Discovery Set, which is now 20% off:


  • Raw Vitamin C Maracujá Oil  (1 oz)

  • Wild Superfood Beauty Butter (8oz)

  • Wild Açaí Canna Cream (2 oz)

  • Wild Superfood Shampoo and Conditioner (8oz each)

  • Kayapo Toiletry Bag - designed by the Kayapo Tribe 


Teadora creates clean beauty products using naturopathic, healthy teachings from Valéria’s mother and local communities in the Amazon.  Their products come from a long line of indigenous, Brazilian ingredients and are vegan, toxin-free and sustainably harvested.  A B-Corp and recognized among the “Best for the World,” you can be assured their products are sourced, and their company is run, for community and planet as well as for your health.


Also consider other E8 partners and products for the holidays, including probiotic plant food made from Impact Bioenergy’s waste-to-value processors on Vashon Island, WA; Full Circle farms produce boxes for the NW; and Tidal Vision’s High Tide all natural shellfish extract for indoor and outdoor plants, and the all-natural chitosan water clarifier for your ponds and spas and more.


Be sure to contact E8 to learn more about the various ways you can get involved in cleantech investing (

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