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LuminAID Multi-Colored Solar Lanterns

And handcrafted dried fruit from Clean Energy Trust

  • $10 - $75 with bundle deals available

  • LuminAID (Illinois, US)

Spun out from an architecture school in New York City, LuminAID designs an array of solar powered products, from phone chargers and lighting for emergencies and backpacking, to fun, decorative solar lanterns for your home, inside or out.


The Bloomio series of patio and pool lights are solar powered, and the Bluetooth-enabled app gives you a huge range of control options, from lighting schedules to managing multiple lights and choosing from hundreds of light colors.  LuminAID lights are made to be durable, waterproof and dustproof, with charges that last 6-12 hours (depending on color mode) and recharges in the sun (or via USB, depending on model). They also twist to flat pack and store, and the backpacking version was selected as REI’s best backpacking lantern in 2019.


LuminAID’s Give Light program is another option, letting you donate solar lanterns through their charitable partners.  More than 50,000 solar lights have been provided to families worldwide.

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