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Mealworm Pet Treats, For Nutrition And Sustainability
And other pet treats from Beta Hatch, E8's portfolio company

Beta Hatch

Chubby Mealworms is working exclusively with Beta Hatch to bring these delicious mealworms to backyard chickens and wild birds. Zero waste, highly nutritious treats for home flocks!


Beta Hatch believes in harnessing the incredible potential of insects to change our food systems. The largest mealworm producer in North America, Beta Hatch is industrializing insect agriculture within a regenerative food system. They produce 100% organically fed mealworms and frass fertilizer (insect poop!), closing the loop in sustainable protein production by converting pre-consumer food waste into high-value mealworm protein, oils, and frass fertilizer. Their technology enables insects to cost-effectively meet the billion dollar scale of demand for animal feed and soil fertilizer. The flagship facility in Cashmere, WA is also home to a very cool, one-of-a-kind energy efficiency project, taking waste heat from a bitcoin mining operation to heat controlled-environment grow rooms for the bugs.


Jiminy’s, an eco-minded dog food line, reduces the need for large-scale cultivation of poultry and beef by sourcing insect protein from crickets and other insects. Compared to chickens, pigs and cows, insects consume far less feed and water, use a miniscule amount of agricultural space, and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases. A more sustainable treat for your furry friend!


Check out Beta Hatch's website for more.

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