The Nori Holiday Carbon Removal

A gift for sustainability and farming

  • $25

  • 1.42 metric tons of CO2 offset (the average American’s monthly emissions)

  • Nori  (Seattle, WA)

Recently featured in Bloomberg, Iowa farmer Kelly Garret pulled 5,000 metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere in 2019 and e-commerce giant, Shopify, paid him for his efforts.  This was made possible by Nori, which provides a marketplace where anyone in the world can pay for and get paid for removing and storing atmospheric CO2.  From our holiday travel to the gifts we buy, to that favorite holiday meal, the CO2 emitted from these actions adds up to our own individual holiday carbon footprint for December.  If you have a friend or family member who would love to have that same amount of CO2 stored back in the earth, then purchase a certificate of carbon removal through Nori and Kelly Garrett’s farm will do it for them.

How it works:  Historically, carbon offsets have been complex and difficult to verify, which can lead to a lack of confidence in the process. Because they work directly with the project owners who sequester the carbon, maintain the retirement of carbon removal credits, and track this all on blockchain, Nori provides a transparent and credible way to pay for carbon removal.  Also, while they currently source carbon removal by supporting farmers adopting regenerative agriculture projects, other methods of carbon removal are coming soon.

Give the gift of negative carbon

Special gratitude is owed to all suppliers, partners, sponsors and the team at Action Digital, with particular appreciation for the E8 Fellows responsible for production: Shelby Brodman, Aaron Boysen, and Kenny Kan; in addition to E8 Members David Marple and Molly Shor.

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