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PittMoss Plentiful

Upcycled paper for happy plants

  • $8.95 - $18.95

  • 3000 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided since 2014

  • PittMoss (Ambridge, PA)

Made from upcycled paper fibers blended with organic fertilizer, this organic potting mix is a great alternative to peat-based blends.  The Plentiful potting mix works great for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers.  It can be used to condition vegetable patches, to fill containers, as a soil for raised bed gardens, or to add organic matter back to any indoor or outdoor space.  This unique mix holds moisture exceptionally well and has superior aeration to allow for up to 2/3 less watering and a healthier root structure.

How it works:  Found in natural wetlands such as bogs, peat is partially decayed organic matter that makes up the world’s largest terrestrial organic carbon store.  Normally the plants in these peatlands capture the CO2 that is naturally released, creating an equilibrium.  However, when they are drained, they release both carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Draining a peat bog the size of a football field releases as much carbon dioxide as driving a car three times around the planet!  PittMoss prevents these emissions by using upcycled cellulosic fibers as an alternative to peat harvesting.  Beyond that, it also keeps materials out of the landfill and reduces the need for surfactants, fertilizers, and other chemicals.

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