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Just a Real, Living, Awesome Tree

Hug the original carbon capturer

  • $8.99+ pending product

  • Image Credit: Arbor Day Foundation

  • 48 lbs of CO2 captured annually per tree

  • Arbor Day Foundation (Lincoln, NE)

Image Credit: Arbor Day Foundation

Image Credit: CMG Landscape Architecture 

There isn’t a more natural or simple way to sequester carbon than to plant a tree.  The Arbor Day Foundation offers a wide range of trees that can be shipped right to the doorstep of your family and friends.  They even offer $5 Gift Trees that make the perfect option for your holiday office party or promotional event.  If you are not sure that your special someone has the space for a tree, no problem: Give-a-Tree Cards can be personalized and the foundation will plant a tree for every card purchased.  Finally, if you’re thinking December and planting trees just doesn’t make sense, not to worry.  Depending on where you live, fall and early winter are the best times because the root system will benefit from the rains before the next dry summer. 


How it works:  Part of the natural carbon cycle, trees store carbon during photosynthesis, capturing it for centuries and even as much as a millennium, depending on the species. When it comes to storing carbon, not all trees are created equal though.  Fast growing, large leaf, low maintenance, and native trees make the best carbon sinks.  In one year, an acre of trees can absorb twice the CO2 produced by the average car's annual mileage.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out this article from eartheasy or information from The Arbor Day Foundation

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