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Sheep Inc Knitwear

Capturing carbon one sweater at a time

  • $90 - $350

  • 10 times CO2 captured versus emitted

  • Sheep Inc. (London, UK)

The first carbon negative fashion brand worldwide, Sheep Inc. set out to create a new way of doing things.  Made from ultra-fine New Zealand Merino wool from regenerative farms, this soft and durable knitwear is guaranteed for life.  Each sweater is designed to make you aware of the impact behind the clothing you wear.  Also, because each item comes with its own sheep, a sheep adoptee from the same farm the wool is from, you’re not just a spectator but part of the narrative. Every piece of clothing starts somewhere.  For this knitwear, it all begins with a sheep.

How it works:  From regenerative farming to renewable energy powered mills, each stage of the process has been scrutinized to lower the carbon footprint. A tag on every sweater’s hem contains an NFC chip.  With one tap of your phone you get a full account of the supply chain.  Audited by a third-party (Carbon Footprint Ltd.) and consistent with the Carbon Neutral Protocol, the result is a full cradle-to-grave footprint that measures the CO2 impact of every step of the sweater’s journey - farm, scourer, yarn mill, knitter, usage, end of life and transportation.  Any remaining (currently) hard to remove CO2 in the supply chain is then offset by investing in biodiversity projects around the world.

“We wanted to create knitwear that feels good. And does good, too. Our hope is that we can begin to pave a new way forward. Because things need to change. Mentalities, behaviour, business. We need a radical shift in ideology. We need new ideas. From everyone. Standards must be challenged”  - Edzard van der Wyck & Michael Wessely, Co Founders

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