Hawaiian Breadfruit from 'Ulu Co-op

And vintage secondhand items and more from Elemental Excelerator

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As a leader in deploying climate-saving solutions in communities, Elemental Excelerator supports entrepreneurs who are building world-changing companies across energy, mobility, food and agriculture, water and the circular economy, having funded 117 startups with $43M. 


This 2020 winter is absolutely the time to bring a bit of Hawaii home to you, wherever you live. 


Founded in 2016, Ulu Cooperative is building a network of small-scale, diversified farms on Hawaii Island that grow breadfruit and improve community access to such amazing, nutritious foods. It is committed to the revival of ‘ulu to strengthen Hawaii’s food security by using environmentally responsible growing and production methods.


If you are a foodie, here is a chance to try some famous Hawaiian breadfruit and support local farmers without visiting Hawaii in person, as much as we would all like to about now. The Co-op offers a variety of options such as the Elima Sampler Box, with:

  • One 12 oz. bag of mature ʻulu (breadfruit)

  • Four 1 lb. bags of ʻuala (Okinawan sweet potato)

  • Kalo (taro)

  • Kabocha squash, and

  • Cassava - all recipe-ready

They use 100% compostable, biodegradable insulation that keeps your product cold and can be used as mulch in your own backyard.

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