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Wheyward Spirit

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What’s unique about Wheyward Spirit is its flavor, created naturally during the fermentation of whey and the cuts they make during distillation to let that flavor blossom. Complex and sippable with a natural creamy smoothness, its signature flavor is defined by oaky hints of vanilla, and warm spice, rounded out with a subtle fruit sweetness followed by a velvety smooth finish. You can use Wheyward in place of a traditional base spirit to elevate your favorite classic cocktail and enlighten the day.


How it works: Wheyward Spirit handcrafts their alcohol sustainably from Farm-to-Flask by taking a circular economy approach to their production. By capturing high quality excess whey from sustainable dairies to use as their base, every bottle of spirit prevents gallons of food waste and has significant carbon and water savings compared to traditional spirits.


The launch of Wheyward Spirit comes after a two-year entrepreneurial journey to create an entirely new spirit from an unlikely source, excess whey from dairies. The founder Emily Darchuk and food scientist saw a huge opportunity to tackle waste and also give consumers like her, who care about quality and where their food comes from, an authentic option in alcohol.

Founded in 2007, previously called Oregon BEST, VertueLab is a nonprofit organization fighting climate change by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to cleantech startups. Make sure to check out other VertueLab favorites Indow and Arcimoto to learn about Fun Utility Vehicle and window upgrades.   Their Climate Impact Fund makes for a gift that is an impactful investment in tomorrow.

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